Zauberlehrling FIDIBUS




I am "Zauberlehrling Fidibus", a sorcerer's apprentice. Originally I was created by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a german author (1749-1832), in his poem "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" (= "Zauberlehrling"). Now I am revitalized, fresh, and young again - although I do have a lot in common with the original one. As soon as my master is away I do try all the tricks he does. So I try to train a broom to bring water ... but unfortunately I am not able to stop the broom ... and I am happy when my master shows up again and helps me out. Dear kids, do you know this situation? Don't you like to try things adults do? I would love to show you some things (such as making music, german words, singing) as well and you are more than welcome to imitate.


My founder is Tina, a mum of a 2 year old son. They have been living in London for about 2 years now and are originally from Germany. Tina has priviously lived in the United States, Indonesia, and Germany. There she has worked as a gymnastic teacher with toddlers, children, and grown up children - up to preparing for the Olympic Level. She has run some playdates and parties with babies and toddlers as well. She is qualified as a Babies in Motion teacher.



We have talked to a lot of mums and dads in London who have a German family background. The kids get raised bilingually (or even more than two languages). There are a lot of classes around such as baby signing, singing and music classes, gym classes, theater/drama classes but most of them are tought in English, some are tought in another language. We have created a class which incorparates all these topics and is tought in German.

Being in a class where the main language is German encourages them to speak and play with other multicultural kids and pick up German words. For that the kids will be able to develop their german language skills and confidence due to a cultural, active, and fun environment. Zauberlehrling-Kids aims to cover all six areas of learning and gives the opportunities to develop personal, social and emotional skills; communication, language and literacy; problem solving, reasoning and numeracy; knowledge and understanding of the world; physical development and creative development. This will be done during structured parts of the class as well as a self-exploring part. We believe that kids do not learn anything if they are not interested in it. For that it is important to give them the space to make their own experiences.

Parents and carers are asked to participate during the class. Other people are always role models for children. For that it is important to take part in the class and encourage the kids to do so as well.

Every class is given a theme. There will be parts which are done in every class. Other parts will change regarding to the theme. All classes follow the same schedule (but are quite flexibel as well - so there will be enough space to interact with the children):


1. Warm-up

2. Sing and play instruments with Zauberlehrling Fidibus

3. Dance with Fidibus

4. Fidibus performes magic (vocabulary development)

5. Wonderland (cool-down)

6. Free play

7. Fidibus says good-bye